As coaches, we commit to “walk the talk.” As such, we embrace living lives that are balanced and fulfilled, both personally as well as professionally. Part of this balance means we take time to enjoy the summer holidays. While we will continue to work on a number of assignments and remain dedicated to our partnership with wonderful clients, we will take the months of July and August off from writing our blog. If you have some time and wish to explore some of our past blogs, simply scroll down and check out the Archive. If you, too, are able to make this a time when you slow down the rhythm of life, take a step back and enjoy the beautiful season with family and friends – congratulations! This is another step towards building sustainable happiness and well-being. We will be back on September 5th. Until then, happy summer!

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  1. Ken Polotan Says:

    Anne and team: kudos to you for “walking the talk” on achieving balance. Taking the whole month of August off certainly sends the right message about conscious decision on designing one’s life. I’m an Aikido instructor and its whole philosophy lies in “keeping balanced and taking balance.” As a consultant and entrepreneur, I use its principles as a metaphor for life.

    Enjoying this blog. Keep up the good work.

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